It is CE-4, when I bought it in the late 70 or early 80's I was working out of Southern Italy. I had a camera repair shop in Bari rebuilt the release to shorten the throw and soften the release, not a smooth as the Spotimatic F but much better than when I bought the camera. The winder sounds like sewing machine and it is not much faster than hand advance, with fresh batteries 1.5 to 2 FPS. The light meter no longer works, although once in a while the diodes will come on. I bought a second body from E bay but the meter was not working either, just too lazy to take in for repair, I use a spotmeter most of the time. When I was working and needed very critical shots held held I used a rangefinder, Lica IIIG or Canon 7 with a 90 or 135. I know of folks who hand held a 300mm and shoot at 1/500th or 1/1000, but I cant vouch for the quality of their work or recommend it. All in all I think most people can hold and shoot up to 200 with fast film and practice.