My best attempt at photographing the moon is "Beach Light" in the Standard Gallery. The image is a double exposure. The moon was exposed first with the Mamiya 250mm set wide open at 5.6 and 1/250 second (sort of ISO=200 and the "sunny-16") after all, it is illuminated by the full sun.

I waited several hours for the moon to move out of frame and clamped the lens open at f/11 for 12 minutes (or so). I developed the roll at N-1 in D76. I should have done N-2 or used D23 split. The contrasts are truly incredible and the image very hard to print. The flare in the house windows is exaggerated in the scan of my 8x10 test print. The 11x14s have much better contrast control and less flair. When properly burned, one can make out details inside the residence. The real tip-off are the shadows - they'r at the wrong angle!

dr bob

P.S. When I looked at the posted image, it looks really fuzzy. The jpg in ps looks better but neither looks as sharp as the 11x14 I sold. I hate to do it but I guess I gotta get a film (negative) scan***. Bit my tongue!