I just returned from LA this week after spending the weekend with Lynn Radeka in his Masking Workshop.

The first day, Lynn had Dennis Mcnutt and Steve Francis join us and share their experiences with masking and photography in general. We spent a long afternoon in the darkroom as Lynn demonstrated several masking techniques on one of his negatives.

The next day, we took one of my negatives and made serveral masks for it. The result blew me away. I am now looking at negatives I have made in the past with a whole new perspective.

Lynn has developed his masking techniques with photographic materials into an incredible science. He is achieving incredible results through the use of several kinds of masking including Contrast Reducing, Unsharp Masking, Highlight Masks, Shadow Contrast Increase Masks, Fog Masks, Dodge Masks, and others. He showed me a work print of an image from a previous workshop that was of a large tree without leaves in the winter in full sun. The point of the image was they were masking for highlights in the branches of the tree right out to the very end of each twig!

I went to his workshop with the thought that the use these masks would be complicated and tough to learn. I left with a whole new outlook on how to approach printing.

Lynn is a very effective teacher and has developed a workshop format that covers a lot of ground in a very short time.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in taking their printing to the next level.