It may be interesting to you to note that Kodak stopped advertizing Kodachrome film in about 1990, I believe for the winter Olympics. At that time, it shared billing with Ektachrome rather than having its own prime ad.

Even at that early date, it was becoming very hard to sell Kodachrome film, in spite of the enthusiasm among a hard core of enthusiasts. At the present time, reversal film of all kinds is undergoing the most severe decline in sales, seconded only by B&W film and paper. This is a major factor in the problems at Agfa and Ilford, both of which tried gamely to stay in the analog film and paper business.

No matter what fiscal plans you make in a business, if the majority of your customers abandon your products for whatever reason, as is the case across the board in the analog film industry, you have to change that plan.

Kodak did not 'jump ship' on their own. The ship foundered because of the storm, and the ship began to sink. In fact, the entire fleet is going down or foundering, and so all of the conventional photographic companies management are trying to decide what to do next.

I must say here that I am an avid analog photographer with lots of cameras in just about every format. However, count the number of members and users here and on other photo enthusiast sites. Now, multiply by 1000 or even 10,000 and ask yourself if that represents even a fraction of the nearly 1 billion consumers out there. Can the tail wag the dog? Can we enthusiasts support conventional photography?

I don't purport to have an answer to that question BTW. My only recourse is to begin plans to make my own films and papers for B&W, and hope that I can at least supply myself for art's sake. The bad part about this is that as production of the films and papers cuts back, production of paper support, film support, and chemicals also cut back and therefore even if we had 'real' formulas it would be nearly impossible to duplicate existing products.

Someday, I may even try to make color.

An interesting side note though is that current RC paper support for conventional products still outstrips digital paper support by 10:1 according to my sources. But, the sales of one is going down by 35% / year and the other is going up by the same amount.