I just started trying out in astrophotography, yesterday i went out at 9 PM pitch black, buetiful skylight stars no clouds, and the only light was from my powerful firefighter flashlight (had to turn it off befor opening the shutter, its so powerfull i an acually show up on the clouds if you point it up). I felt like i was being watched by something, mabey it was just me? mabey it wasnt. The night befor, i had gone out, buit as i was turning the corner of my house, the glimering light of two eyes aperred 70 feet away, cat?, fox, Something else? i dont know, that wasnt what scared me, what scared me was the other two pair of eyes no more than 5 feet away. could have been a harmless cat, mabey it was a fox, i dont know but i got outa ther pretty quick.

Maby you have some stories like these but i would realy like some tips on nightphotography and/or astrophotogray

Sure, a picture of those two eyes might have made a great picture, but i was weilding a camera preset to "bulb" and it was kodachrom 64 ISO.

anyway, im gonna finish this up, good luck on your next nightime outdoor adventer.