Nope, not usually. I'm not easily perturbed by anything.

However, while I don't wanna sound like a redneck, I do often pack heat (a gat, a rod, shootin' iron) when out and about on our rural homestead because we get feral dogs on rare occasions and coyotes even less often. The dogs are far more dangerous. I was once attacked on my own property by a neighbor's pit bull that had developed a taste for blood, killing every bit of livestock in the neighborhood. I actually shot that dog three times on three different occasions in a single day and it kept coming back! The authorities finally cited the guy but he still has the dog, tho' it's chained up in the back yard not four lots away.

We get water moccasins in the evening too coming up from our lakefront, tho' I don't worry much about 'em. They're not fast, they aren't really aggressive, just inquisitive. When they sense body heat they'll investigate but as soon as they realize how big a human is they wander off. They don't bother me, I don't bother them.

In town, tho', (I live in a rural area near Fort Worth, Texas) I feel comparitively safer. For example, downtown is patrolled by bicycle mounted guards. The panhandlers are possibly among the world's most polite. I often chat with 'em and occasionally take their photos, tho' sometimes it's at their request rather than mine.