Martin, I cannot disagree with anything you say.

If it works, it works. I only wished to point out possible pitfalls. There is a review nearly 10 years old now, showing characteristic curves of one type of color negative film in 6 developer formulas, and the results are strikingly different. The results would vary but only direct comparison would highlight the errors introduced by the developers.

I say that if the developer works, use it. If you are happy with it, use it.

The formula I have is totally different than the one you have above, but since I don't wish to lose any negatives, I refrain from hand mixing color developers, so this formula remains untested. It may be a current mutation or an old variant. It might be one only used in research for testing. IDK. Since I turned in all of the formulas I had, my only resources are memory and patents.

I do know that KI and two additional ingredients for sequestering and stabilizing the developer are present in the real developer formulation. The Kodak MSDS lists some of these ingredients and a possible concentration range, but I have not looked at them for a year or more.

That is about all I can add.