I am a avid photographer who infact, love extrem sports, My kind of extream sports are, paintball(of course i play it safley and respect others property), hiking, and the most extream, is, orcoue rock climbing. I know that i would need some pretty nifty exstansion bars to hold me out from the clif to get the kinda of shots. but i would like to start off with lanscapes of cliffs and ledgers and acuall climbing photography.

Check out www.rockclimbing.com and click on photo for amature photographrs photographes. infact the are some GREAT photographers there.

some of the more crazy but cool photography include.......
(i DID NOT take these photos, they are the property of their owners)

this lanscape-

this action photo-

i would realy like tips on l;anscaps of places from high places (like if i was on a cliff) and reagualr lanscapes and aciton photos like this one with the guy hanging off a .13b cliff (whew, thats tough to climb but dont worry about all this climbers rating for cliffs)