As the only serious photographer that most of my family and friends know, they are always giving me things they find in garage sales, cleaning out uncle Frank's closet, etc, etc. And most of them think any photo gear will work with any camera. My latest "gift" from my sister is a 28-85 zoom, around the lens is " MC AUTO ZOOM 1:3.5 28-85mm No K87131765 KALIMAR", f stops go down to 22, then there is a little silver button to push to turn the ring to an AE position. On 1 side of the button is AE on the other is CA. Mount looks like a Canon or Adaptall, I say this because they're the only 2 lens types I've seen that have the female lugs for the bayonet mount on the lens instead of the camera. Would like to identify the lens for fun but can't use it, so if anyone wants it, it's free.