"i would realy like tips on l;anscaps of places from high places (like if i was on a cliff)"

Be very, very careful and make sure those thingies you guys attach to the rocks are deep enough?...:P

I would say you need a light, autofocus camera preferably one which allows you to place the focus off center. Obviously you have to be able to use the camera one handed, so pick one that is easy to use and the controls are available on one side.
Obviosly if you are hanging from a rock using filters can be dangerous for your health, but do bring a polarizer and a warming filter (82A) to use when you get to the top (hopefully).

On another subject, please, please if you want to post a photograph that is not yours post the name of the photographer and include the line all rights belong to the photographer. Some people can get very upset if they find their photographs lifted from web sites and seeing their name and their rights acknowledged goes a long way to calm them down.

Oh! one last tip.......dont drop the camera, they dont glide very well!...

Be safe and have fun.....