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It's natural to see converging verticals with tall buildings. The eye expects it. By overcorrecting these lines from ground level using a shift lens or camera movements we create a perspective that doesn't exist in nature. It looks odd.

The perspective "sensed" by the human eye is approximately equivalent to the image from a 100mm lens in the 35mm format, which translates to something like 160mm in 2 1/4 and ... whatever would be mathematically the same for 4" x 5" and 8" x 10" (Sunday morning and I haven't had breakfast yet). Everything is approxinmate, as no one yet has found a way to make accurate measurements of human perception.

Any image taken with a lens *greatly* longer or shorter in focal length (tilts and swings not considered) results in an unnatural convergence of line and area scale... NOT to be confused with distortion (i.e., barrel, pincushion, or random abberation) - all lens - optical - errors.

Never have I had to amke morecorrections to a message. I NEED coffee.