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I do often pack heat (a gat, a rod, shootin' iron) when out and about on our rural homestead because we get feral dogs on rare occasions and coyotes even less often. The dogs are far more dangerous. I was once attacked on my own property by a neighbor's pit bull that had developed a taste for blood, killing every bit of livestock in the neighborhood. I actually shot that dog three times on three different occasions in a single day and it kept coming back!
Hmm.... Three times?!? What are you using, .22 shorts?

I'd recommend - or at least my preference - would be: .357 Magnum, loaded with a 140gr. Sierra HP in front of - what was it - 6? 8? grains of DuPont Blue Dot, through my Ruger Security Six, with a 6" barrel.

That was developed as the result of an incident where we were beset by two(2) rather p****d off Dobermans swimming for us while we were in a canoe. Never had to use it but.... It sure would be more effective than splashing away with a paddle.