At the risk of thread drift I'd consider my sense of vision - and by that I mean with my nekkid eyeballs - to be akin to a well corrected 17mm lens (for 35mm film format) with heavy spherical aberration.

If that sounds peculiar, consider that most of use have very good peripheral vision that matches an ultrawide very closely. Yet we can only clearly see whatever we're actually looking at. Hence the reference to spherical aberration, which in a lens diminishes the clarity at the periphery of an image.

Oddly enough, the photos I've seen over the past few years that seem to most closely mimic my sense of vision were illustrations in Shutterbug taken by Roger Hicks and Frances Shultz with their Alpa WA (which, I believe, stands for Wallet Annihilator) and 38mm Biogon (as in, "gone," referring to all of one's remaining money after buying the camera).