This weekend my gf and I went to visit my parents, and we had brought with us a stack of slides from our recent trip. I haven't revelled in the pleasure (displeasure, for some!) of a slide show, and I was amazed to see my own picture blown up on the wall in such colors.

But what took my breath away was those old 127 color slides my mom took with a box camera of her quarters during her nursing studies. The sheer size of the image was overwhelming, and the colors were in very good condition (I do not know what was the film stock, though). My parents also had some old 135 Kodachromes and they haven't aged a ding. The Ektas from the same eras are already washed out. I was shocked to see how much primary colors were prevalent in the aesthetics of the early 60s, even in a place as drab as a hospital.

Now I want to go and shoot some big slides; I've shot some 6x6 MF slides, but have no idea what kind of projector I could use on a budget (I can't afford a Rollei...). I'd be tempted to use 127 instead just because I can still buy film for it and I can use a normal 135 projector; I'm just not sure which camera I could use.

So what about you modern 127 color slide shooter, what cameras do you use? Have you had to tape some red windows, or do some models have frame counters? Are there still some reasonable 6x6 slides projector available?