Well I just finished printing my ABC negs and it would seem that all of them were a bit over developed as my highlights were esp difficult to print while still getting decent shadows. The were all printed on Oriental grade 2 paper. I originally tired it with dektol 1:2 and it looked almost as if i was developing a lith print....black shadows and paper base white highlights, with not too much in between. I then tired it with selectol soft and it was much easier to print but the highlights were still blown out. Thinking back I should have used the 1:1:1:14 dilution instead of the 1:1:1:7 seeing as how it was a bit contrasty when I took the pics. I was able to get one that printed quite nicely with a little dodging and burning, and another that I had to use split grade printing on VC paper with. So the pictures were difficult to print, but I got them to do so in the end. I also learned that how much this developer can get away from me if I'm not careful.