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And (replying to Aggie's post about Spice Girl outfits) don't forget the tiny shirt so the belly button shows
I... I....
I'm lost for words, that's what.

After surviving some rather frightening physical problems which culminated in my suggestion - strongly - that a few Medical Practioners (with and without scalpels and assorted knives) and HMO - Insurance people - attempt an interesting, if impossible (man hasn't yet been able to fly unaided) sexual act with Santa Claus, I started on *MY* Modified European diet. Net result so far (two months) is a loss of 35 pounds (16 Kg) and I'm walking again.... although still afflicted with plantar fasciitis (self-diagnosed and treated).

Give me time ... I'll be happy to wear one of those "belly" shirts - but the moment.... Nah!! I don't think so.