Damn, ain't we a bunch of country bumpkins? I guess shootin' irons take all kinds of forms and formats.

I can definitely relate to Aggie's episode. What really infuriated me wasn't what that dog did to the neighborhood livestock; it was the thought of what it might do to a child, specifically one of my grandsons. When I confronted the owner I asked him how he could put his own small daughters at risk by keeping a dog known to have a taste for blood? Naturally I didn't get a coherent reply.

Jorge, .454 Cassull, hmm? That's quite a piece and I do have a fondness for big bores. But I'll make do with what I have.

As I said, it's generally been quiet the past year or so. In fact, I never even hear that neighbor's dog bark anymore. It used to bellow and wail constantly, 'til one of my rounds hit it in the throat. Must've debarked the critter.

I might upload a pic of my own pesky mutt just so nobody gets the notion I don't like dogs. If I can think of a photographic tie-in, or a nighttime photography tie-in so we can get back on-topic...