Talk about a subject that has drifted!
I guess that it should be no surprise that people as sensible as APUGGERS would have some really practical solutions (and experience!) and would be able to address the unique situations nighttime photography sometimes presents.
Recent good news is that Missouri just passed a concealed-carry law, effective sometime in October. Since I'm in Illinois just across the river from St. Louis, it won't affect me directly, but it's encouraging. I actually haven't used a firearm, even for target shooting, for over twenty-five years, but, after doing night shots in St. Louis at various times (with no problems, fortunately), I can see why someone might want to carry on occasion. Things can be a little creepy out there sometimes; I've heard of other photographers who shoot at night only when they have a friend or two handy for company.
I wonder how long it will be before one of the anti-gun nuts finds this discussion and tells us we are way off target. In any case, APPUGGERS are straight shooters, no matter what they're triggering!