Desertrat- I'm a little taken aback by that information as I had assumed that
Freestyle had severed the relationship with Forte. Seems like Satter-Omega got the hit. The catalog says "we cut out the middleman" This very good news.
I was in B+H Photo in NYC today. Started talking to the salesman there. I do NOT want to start ANY rumor mill but he sort of hinted that Bergger was going to take over the company or play a major investment part in same. They are looking to have a two-tiered paper sales pitch with a lower and higher brand.
This would fit in perfectly with Bergger because Forte made practically ALL their
products anyway. In the ever-shrinking market for analogue a few players will be able to survive and offer quality products for us. Let's hope that at least part of this is true......
Best, Peter Schrager