I live in the UK and so don't have access to all the heavy artillary you bloodthirsty colonials are discussing... ...although I do have a monopod with a pointy end! :-)

The most worried I've been, so far, is doing a lateish sunset shoot on the seafront at Morecambe in Lancashire. I hung around for the more intense colours after the sun had dropped below the horizon and then did a few night shots of the town lights.

Unfortunately the warm weekend summer evenings also bring out the great British drinking public with its customary cheery cries of "You spilled my pint!" and "You bin lookin' at my bird?!". Given the number of watering holes along the seafront, walking back from an out-of-the-way jetty to the car with all this going on was a bit unnerving.

I was actually glad of that monopod...!