I am considering three lenses for 5x4 landscapes which are available to me 2nd hand at the moment:

Schneider 72XL
Schneider SA 65 5.6
Rodenstock Grandagon 65 4.5

I am aware of the huge coverage (and size) of the 72XL and would like to hear from anyone who can compare these lenses from actual experience. Essentially I am looking for the very best optical performance. Is there an optical pecking order, visible on the print?

I am leaning towards the 72XL for the coverage tho it is more than I need, but am concerned that the size is a bit bit for backpacking, or the 65 Grandagon for its small size and fast aperture.

The Schneider 65 is the cheapest however...

I'm sure I would be happy either way, but any help would be appreciated.

Tom S