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The current (fairly confirmed) bad news/rumour concerning superslides is that they may be about to become a thing of the past. Maco who distribbute Macochrome are no longer able to source the E6 stock, and are discontinuing it!!!!

Reading between the lines this may have been on the cards for a year or so, as they recently INTRODUCED their C41 MacoColor, which I guess is intended to replace the E6 stock. It certainly is nice to have the C41, but E6 will be missed. The switch to C41 sugguests they're still full fource behind the format, but just can't get the E6 to make superslide rolls.

However E6 is still in stock at most good places (dozens of links on the site), and a couple of places have superslide mounts - 4x4 slide mouts that fit in a regular projector.

Camera wise the star is probably the Baby Rollei. It does everything a big Rollei does, just a bit smaller. The most common model, the baby grey has fully automatic film feed - there's no window, and you don't even need to line up the film start when you load it. Prices are pretty good - less than a simlarly features Big Rollei.

However the bargain has to be the Yashica range. They're dirt cheap, and great performers. The 44a is the entry level, and actually the cutest. It uses a red window for winding, and lacks some of the shutter speeds, but otherwise is a great choice - you'll probably not miss the extras. The 44 and 44LM add semi-auto winding, and a light meter - nice but not essential. I've payed as little as $15 for a beat up but perfectly working 44, which has taken some great shots, so these are a great way to try out the format.

Other options are the Primo Jr/Sawyser MkIV (same camera rebadged) which turns up more oftern in the US (pretty rare over here in the UK).

All of theses are TLR's. If you want an SLR then you can pick up a Komaflex - again a nice camera, at a decent price (compared to 120 equivalents). The other SLR option is an Exacta, but they're old, collectable, expensive and not very reliable - not an ideal user camera, and they shoot 6x4, so not what you want for slides.

The red window isn't too much of a problem. The Rollei has no window and is fully automatic. All of the others have a window with a shutter on it, so you close it when it's not in use. For all except the 44a that's only the first frame which you need to line up on "1'. The 44a is fully manual, but if you close the window, I've never had a problem (though I almost exclusivly shoot b&w).

The baby TLR's are great fun. The format gives you the feel of MF (and a decent size neg), but you can tote it around like 35mm.

stop by the 127 site and say hi! or just shoot some 127 :-)