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Too intersting to avoid. My comment .... Who really cares?
Obviously in need of expansion.

I should have been more picky, more precise, and replied "Not a MAJOR concern to me." I don't lie awake nights pondering "Photography - art or craft?"

One idea is to suppose we have an answer, and try to predict the consequences.

So, we travel to the mountain, climb it, and reach the Ultimate Guru on top of it - the "All Knowing One". S/he enlightens us ... "Photography is Craft!!", with an undeniable, logical explanation ... why!!
How would that knowledge affect what we do? Would our "vision", our motivaton, our interaction with the world - and life - change?
Suppose further, that the opposite answer, "Photography is Art" is the ultimate truth... then what?

I'm fairly sure, that I would say, "Well, I don't have to wonder about that any more (no, I DON"T want to NOT wonder); go to bed tonight, wake up tomorrow (hopefully) and try to do the best I could in that day. No different than what I do now.

I have been in a couple of "waiting" situations lately - I bring "Alfred Steiglitz - a Biography", by Richard Whelen, with me to read. This book is *filled* with Post-Its, marking interesting passages.
One of them ... on topic:

"In 1922 Steiglitz would write,

Photography is not art. Neither is painting nor scupture, literature nor music. They are only different media for the individual to express his (or her - ES) aesthetic feelings; the tools he (or she - ES) uses in his (-- oh, you get the idea - ES) creative work.... You do not have to be a painter or sculptor to be an artist. You may be a shoemaker. You may be creative as such. And if so you are a greater artist than the majority of the painters whose work is shown in the art galleries of today."