Richness to me is happiness.

I work to afford my photography habit, and do so as a wolf in sheep's clothing. I work in digital prepress, and I shoot MF and LF black and white.

I do sell a handfull of photographs each year, around a dozen or so. I do everything from the hiking to the shot to the framing so my $ costs are not that great, thus I price them accordingly. I've been told I'm selling to cheaply, but I am selling them to sell them. I am not shooting for a collector market, and if someone appreciates my work, I want them to be able to afford it. My pricing does cover the costs involvedand a little more, I just want my photography to pay for itself.

Since this isn't my sole source of income, my pricing doesnot include equip. costs. I leave that to my job, bargin hunting(buy criminally low, and sell at value), upgrading and luck. I started LF with an Anniversary Speed Graphic and 127 Ektar, now a Linhof monorail with a 150 APO Lanthar, 305 G-Claron, and 240/420 Symmar: MF from a Zeiss Nettar to a Veriwide and Hasselblad.

But I have lofty goals. I am planning in the next year to leave my job and move to Boone, NC. There I will finally complete a degree (I'm 34, with two years of college credits) at
Appalachian State University, in Photography Technology. Then I'll take eight years of digital prepress experience, 20 years of photography, and my sheepskin, wave it in the air, and watch the money rain down! Right?! Isn't that how ya'll did it? I'll be stinking rich then, right? Right?!?