This sounds like an assignment for Psych 101. It's interesting however that many people have no idea why they photograph certain subjects and why they interpret them the way they do. It is no surprise that they aren't satisfied with what they are doing and keep trying new "techniques" etc. to capture that ellusive something that is missing. They would be better served looking inward with as much intensity as they analysis Dmax curves, developer combinations and the meaning of Max Black. It is only thru rigours introspection that one can come to any understanding of what an artist wants to express. It's no wonder that many of the most successful artist are very tortured souls. They are constantly searching within themselves for the meaning of life as it applies to them and how they want to represent it to the world.

We all at APUG could stand looking at the same scene and each one of us would "feel", "see" and "experience it" in our own unique ways based on our own internal reaction to it. It is only when we look at one of these "scenes" and then think, now I wonder how AA would have photographed/printed this that we short circuit our own artistic interpretation. But then it's easier to try and mimic someone else than to get in touch with our own feelings etc and put them out there for the world to see.

Some will say, they try and take pictures like their favorite photographer so they can learn. Fair enough, but at some point you have to cut the strings and go it alone.

This takes guts and few have the stomach for it.