I don't think that we consciously need to pay attention to our MAP. If, as you say, it is a part of us then it is already influencing everything that we do.

We have had passing comments between us in the past that I have said that I think you overthink some things, you being a very introspective person. My personal opinion is that many things don't need conscious thought and instead just need our joyous reaction. ( I always loved Zen Mind, Beginner Mind)

I think that most people form themselves in their thought processes and evolve into what they want to be. From there I think that their reaction to the world around them, is sincere and genuine, without conscious thought.

Another point you made is that perhaps empathic people photograph uplifting photographs and depressed people photograph dark and hopeless things. That could be true but I think that if you look at say, Migrant Mother, which is a pretty depressing picture, that it's creator may have been a empathetic person, showing this series of work to arouse people's emapthy.

What I'm trying to say is that maybe a person whose view of life is of abundance renewal etc would also photograph that which they are disturbed by, perhaps to get across a social or political point. Such a person may rarely photograph beautiful things because they are trying to get the world to become more beautiful by photographing uglyness.

Just an opinion,

Michael McBlane