Lets face it. Everything that comes out of New York to the great unwashed is ART. BE is music, performance, photographic, fashion, whatever.

To the rest of us struggling to produce fine photographs, I believe the same as Don has said. We are craftsmen(people), working to produce the occasional work of art. Hopefully.

I also believe that people that call themselves artists, are rather pretentious. Others may call you an artist, but you are really a craftman. When you start to call yourself an artist, you are in my opinion waaaay tooo full of yourself. EGO. "I'm an "ARTIST".

However the two terms, art and craft have become so blurred and watered down that my previous rant about, nose art, boob art, etc in another thread has left me with the feeling that the entire question is like mental masturbation. It may feel good to talk about it but we don't really get anywhere with it.

So I begrudgingly have to fall in line behind ED yet again, and say that I may stay awake at night for a few minutes, thinking about it, but once the alcohol kicks in I sleep like a baby.

Michael McBlane