It sounds like something went wrong somewhere, even though the lab I worked at has now changed to a new Noritsu 2900 LED digital print systme on kodak paper, you would be hard pressed to see much of a difference in the prints that we used to make on the optical printer that we had, it is really very good, so it really sounds like something went wrong in the print process, in working with both types of printing machines, I found the newer digital print machine actually required more attention than the old opticle printer we had, one area that labs seem to mess up with the newer machines is they don't calibrate the machine everyday, they seem to think that they don't have to balance the machine to the paper every single morning, we used to balance ours first thing in the morning and then double check the balance during the day several times, which in the newer machines is a computer controled process that only takes about 5 minutes vs the 1/2 hour for the older machines, you just have to run one balance test, then plug in the numbers and the machine will set the parameters of the paper, but the misconception is the computer does this automatically, I can always tell when they have a new person on the machine here locally because you will see the jagged eges on the prints you have described due to the machine and the paper being out of sync.