I'm working on a 5x7 box that's taking me forever. I want it to be completely from oddball parts, front of a Polaroid 95B or 150, a wooden box, an Ilex electric oscilloscope shutter, various interchangeable plates for the Ilex to hole photocopier lenses or pinholes.

I only have one legitimate back, that on a 4x5 Crown Graphic. My budget is near zero unless I sell another project to pay for a different one.

So I am experimenting with spring backs made from picture frame moulding. I found an unlikely source of spacers for ground glass to get film plane spacing for ground glass...square plastic chop sticks from a local Asian grocery store...one end was 5 mm (within spec for 0.197"), and other end was 0.250", close enough to 0.260" to shim for 8x10 holder...20 for $1 too, multiple colors available!

I'll take photos when it's done. I may have already let the cat out of the bag regarding what I stained the wooden box with, but I won't repeat it here until I post a picture (it has NOTHING to do with cats).