I bought the latest Kiev TTL model. The first went back for two reasons, the first being that one of the three set screws in the meter adjustment dial was not able to screw against the cam when I calibrated the dial for correct exposure reading. This is a must do thing with these Kiev prisms. The other problem was that the meter was no good and gave different readings all the time. The prism was taken back with no problems and another was sent, but for the $79 price I paid I'm not even going to worry about using the incorporated meter, and I'll use a handheld instead. The prism is nice to use but the vertical size, although not overly big, puts me off a little as I have to lay the camera over in my camera bag. Maybe I just need a bigger bag. :o Overall for the $79 it was a good buy and I'd do it again. Maybe one day I'll actually calibrate the meter and try using it.