I have to admit that I didn't get the in-jokes off-hand, and thought that Don's "13" was a smilie of breasts... guess that shows where my mind is at! (in other words, my photography has never changed since I started, heh)

I've noticed the MAP phenomenon but am surprised to find it has an acronym that is known so readily. My own reading of it has been that MAP photography (according to my own demarcation of MAP) is an MLC (mid-life-crisis) compensatory reaction (usually a blossoming that comes along as "I had a camera but never really started examining my creative side seriously until my divorce, my oldest was in high school, etc") that concentrates intently on "the right way" and spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about rules of thirds and esoteric developer combinations, arguing about whether the Summitar is better than the Serenar, sticking close to established themes (generally of the low-impact variety, such as boats at the dock, the Tetons, adorable grandchildren, the Eiffel Tower...), and fretting about how various MOPs (Masters of Photography) would have handled things -- never about taking risks. Generally this suite of behaviours equals (to me) EMP (Extremely Mannered Photography) and it gives me the creeps when it doesn't just make me sad.