I don't know if any of you rangfinder enthusiasts know anything about this,but about twenty years ago an elderly man who was a customer in the camera store where I worked in those days told me he had been a photographer in the British Army in W.W11 and had been issued with a Leica and a couple of lenses, and since he had to sign for them he never forgot the serial numbers. After the war he was on holiday in Germany and visited the Leitz factory he asked them to check on their records the Leica equipment he had been issued with, they said it had been made in 1941 and supplied to a company in Sweden. On further investigation he found out the British Government had built three very fast PT boats Called Gay Divorce, Gay Affair and Gay ?????? that were unarmed to import Leicas and run the German blockade all through the war, because we couldn't make anything like them.