Hello ~ I'm a fairly new user (first post) but, have done a lot of reading in the forums. Was wondering if I may pose a question, as well as some related background info., to you....

I recently read someone's post stating that his website was generating 3,000 hits/month. How did you make this happen ?

I have personally built a website to showcase my b/w, fine art prints. The site is about 5-6 years old and continues to generate a measley 30 hits/day. I would really like to increase the traffic to my site. I have studied web optimization articles and tweaked my html code to sufficiently garner more links through search enegines... have linked my site with numerous others of similar interests... and have been a long time member of absolutearts.com with an online portfolio there (sold a couple prints to a client in NYC). I've put a lot of time into my website and am feeling as though I am just banging my head into a wall.

The vast majority of my sales have come through my website. And, due to the mistreatment of my prints by various galleries acorss the country, I am inclined to sell only through my website. My work has been included in some 15 group exhibitions over the past 2-3 years, as well as a couple of solo shows. Unfortunately, the prints are so damaged by the time they are returned to me that I wouldn't even consider trying to sell them to someone (i.e. ~ fingerprints/foodstains on the mountboard, gallery name in rubberstamp ink on the mountboard, scratches, dings, dents, sharpie marker and even writing indentations on the surface of the print).

I'm tired of busting my tail in the darkroom, only to have a gallery trample all over my efforts. So far I have advertised in B/W Magazine, purchased GoogleAdwords, and posted listings on craiglist (as well as link exchanges with various other sites). I don't have $3,000 to spend for a "professional" website optimization company, so that idea is moot.

Any thoughts or idea exchange from the members here would be greatly appreciated. If viewing my work would give you a better idea of where it may fit in, please take a look at http://www.susankopecky.com

Thanks in advance.