Actually 30 hits per day works out to 900+ visits a month, you also need to optimize your images for faster loading, the reason it may load quickly on your computer, it is probably cached on your computer in additon you may be closer to the source where it is hosted, and it does not have to make as many hops to get to you, but I would bet it is cached in your browser, but again, in addition to my glass business, we also own a large web hosting and design company that we host over 300 websites and build quite a few new ones for customers every month., one of the most important index sites you can get into now a days is Google, and the way google index sites is normally by the amount of other websites you are linked to, another option in this day and age, is pay per click advertising, in other words you deposit money with a company that maintains and index and you only pay when someone clicks on your link, they work based on your key words.

Also make sure you key words and meta tags are properly done, one area people often overlook is the re-visit tag, which tells the search engine to re-visit your site at regular intervals. In looking at your page souce, you have no revist tag in your page, so a search engine may find it once, but may never come back again.

Another good company to work with is, they have tons of tricks and tips to get your website seen, they are very inexpensive to work with, I think we donate something like $10.00 a year to them and they will save the information about your website and auto submitte it ever 45 days to the various search engines and index websites.

Good luck in your quest, but really 900+ visitors a month is not that bad. You need to figure out what percent of sales you are deriving from the visitors, if it is over 1.5-3% then you are doing real good.

Dave Parker
Satin Snow Ground Glass
Flathead Valley Web Works