Thanks for everyone's input so far. Hope you don't mind a "collective" response....

Robert ~ I will work on changing the titles to the more descriptive as you've suggested. Also, I'm using FrontPage 2002.... I have tried to find a way to add text to the pages displaying larger images and have yet to figure out how to do this (other than creating a folder of "thumbnail sized" images and linking them to a second page with a larger image + text). One would thing there would be an automated way of doing this... insert image, make the large image a thumbnail that takes the visitor to the larger image, then have the ability to add text to the page with the larger image. So far, I'm still searching. I would LOVE to boost my traffic to 1,500/day !!!

Mark ~ The only reason that some galleries contain only one image is, obviously, it's a work in progress. I have a day job that also requires my time so, I'm unable to produce a mass of new images quickly. I've often thought about not adding a new series until I have several image to fill it with but, doing so would delay the image from being seen at all. I'd rather have the new work up to be seen, even if it means the series sits with a minimal number of images for a time.

Satinsnow ~ I've tried Google's Adwords. 30 days cost me over $100 and still they recommended that I increase my budget to $900/month. There has to been a balance between, paying bills, keeping a roof over my head, buying materials to produce new images, and advertising. Can't kick out new images if I'm homeless and pushing a shopping cart, and that's what $900/month in advertising would do for me. Thanks for mentioning the revisit tag. I'd not read of that but, will do some research and get one in my html code soon. Also, I checked out HUGE site, lots of info. Will take me a while to work my way through it but, I have it bookmarked and intend to do an indepth read.

Ann ~ the images are small due to being thumnails. Once again, something the FrontPage 2002 sets itself. I can adjust them to be bigger but, the thumbs then start to pixelate and look really crappy.

Peter ~ Glad you were able to load the site easier on the second try. Yes, the Scott Killian site is extremely clean and fantastic work. Didn't realize he was a fellow Iowan (at least, formerly).

Everyone ~ Guess my bottom line is this... If I don't sell a print from time to time, I can't afford to continue to produce new work. I've had very few sales generated from gallery shows. And, can reach a much larger audience via the internet. This is the reason I've been throwing so much effort in this direction. I'm sorry to say, I've not sold one image so far for 2005. I realize we're in economically hard times and with gas prices going through the roof, I don't have a lot of discretionary income either. Unfortunately, this means I may have to tear down the site and close up the darkroom at the end of this year. So, if you've had any fine art sales experineces, and care to share them, I am more than willing to listen.

Photography has been a passion of mine for over 15 years but, I'm running out of options...