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Robert ~ I will work on changing the titles to the more descriptive as you've suggested. Also, I'm using FrontPage 2002.... I have tried to find a way to add text to the pages displaying larger images and have yet to figure out how to do this (other than creating a folder of "thumbnail sized" images and linking them to a second page with a larger image + text). One would thing there would be an automated way of doing this... insert image, make the large image a thumbnail that takes the visitor to the larger image, then have the ability to add text to the page with the larger image. So far, I'm still searching. I would LOVE to boost my traffic to 1,500/day !!!

The reason you can't add the text is because the browser is opening the image - notice how the address bar lists: "http://www.susankopecky.com/images/Kauai%20in%20Black%20and%20White/Kilauea%20Lighthouse.jpg" when you click on the thumbnail. You need to create new page; something like Kauai1.htm (I live in Hawaii which is why I always pick your Kauai pages). On the Kauai thumbnails page, change the code "<a href="images/Kauai%20in%20Black%20and%20White/NaPali%20Stream.jpg">" to "<a href="Kauai1.htm">. When I get home, where I have Front Page I will PM you with directions on how to do this.