hi, i have no idea where to put this so i figured here is the best bet (i hope im right). anyway, im going to photograph for a newspaper(not a fancy one, if u know what i mean) (ive always wanted to) as a photographer/digital editor/ mabey writer. i was hoping for some tips on the kind and teachniqe of newspaper photos are taken. right now, im 99% sure they dont even have a photographer, but instaed, resort to some poory focused pictures with their slr or snapshoot cameras, i will most likely be using my vivicam 3.3 mp digital camera because they are not sure they will reiburse me for film (both me and them are little short for film money). They have about 7 photos in the newspaper, most were taken off the internet, stories left without pictures, and mabey 1 taken by them (im not trying to insult but its kinda sad). any tips? write em' in the fourm, PM me, E-mail, anything please, thx.

(P.S. VERY short news paper come out once a month)