Since I now have 5oo sheets of this stuff, i will make some contact prints and see what happens. The split mentioned above sounds interesting. I am going to use selenium and then gold toners. May try several different developers, as i have a variety available in the lab.
The only thing I am not crazy about is the single weight of the paper; It will curl like crazy. I almost got rid of a drying screen that will be really helpful as one places the print between two sheets of fiber glass screening. Sort of a locking efect.
Am interested in how the results turn out for the Ansco 130 as it will be easier and cheaper to use than Amidol. For such a small run of prints I rather not start down the Amidol trail as I am never sure just when I will get around to the project.

I did remove the orginal wrap as it was very musky but re-packaged in black sleeves from some paper.