Loaded very quickly for me (1Mbit cable), but I have to admit to not liking the layout at all. Everything is centred, looking like very little effort has gone in to it. I know that's unfair as it's probably taken ages to get it to that point, but that's how it looks and presentation is of paramount importance when you are selling things: even more so when selling artwork.

If I was selling prints I'd look closely at http://www.michaelkenna.net, and www.scottkillian.com as previously suggested and be "influenced" by the layout - sparse, clean and easy to navigate. Very professional.

Have you tried eBay? Even if you don't sell anything, it might entice people to look at your site to see what else you have. Certainly do not give up: some excellent images on your site. Just not very well presented IMO - as always, feel free to disagree!

Good luck with it, Bob.