My experience with Azo is that it curls no more and probably less then most double weight papers. I dry mine face down on screens without anything on top of them. I flatten my Azo prints the same way I flatten all using a drymounting press. Handling the paper when wet takes a little getting used to. Using two fingers and a thumb guarantee a crease in the print. The use of tongs will do the same. The 130, from what I have heard, is really not markedly less expensive then Amidol when considering the number of prints processed. 130 has a lot of chemical in it. Amidol is the most active photo developing agent. I had a negative awhile back that was over developed and I used water bath development. With only 8 seconds in Amidol and the remaining 52 seconds in water the print developed beautifully. In my experience I run out of developer in the tray (from carryover) before the developer runs out of gas.