great work, keep on doing.

Don't try to compare your site's traffic with other at the beginning, more traffic doesn't mean more sold work.

The word "hits per day" is basically wrong. "hits per day" only means "the count of loaded files per day". This can be html-pages, pictures, text-files or the simple one-byte transparent gifs for layout purposes: The more files one or more pages exist off, the more hits. A simple and spartanic layout with less sigle components with 1000 hits/day can have more visitors than a complex site/layout with 100,000 hits/day.
The measurement should be "pageviews/day" which counts the loading of ALL components a page consists off ...

Your Meta-tags on every of your page are rather spartanic:
--- snip ---
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Black and white, limited edition, fine art prints by nationally acclaimed photographer, Susan Kopecky. Subject matter includes musical instruments, landscapes, still life, nudes and abstract.">
--- snap ---
THIS is the first a robot/spider reads in and stores within its databases and used for indexing, (sometimes) beside the text contained within you pages.

Take the keyowrds of
--- snip ---
<meta name="keywords" content="Photography, Traditional Photography, Analog Photography, Real Photography, Film, 4x5, Non-Digital Photography, Photography Community, Darkroom, Contact Printing, B&W, Black and White, Photochemical, Alternative Processes, Large Format Photography, Large Format Equipment, Medium Format Equipment, 35mm Equipment, Photographers, Photo, Photography Forum, Forums, Silver Gelatin, Halide, Developer, Platinum, Printing, pinhole photography, lith printing, infrared, glass plate, photo links, photography links, photography portal" /> <meta name="description" content="APUG.ORG is an international on-line community, completely devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes." />
--- snap ----

THIS is one of the secrets of those companies who optimize for search engines: The coice of and the placing of the right keywords within your pages.

Think about more and the right keywords you want, place them and ... be patient. It will last some time until the spiders come back to index your site again.
Make use of more search engines! Subscribe to them manually and watch their terms! Some forbid this and some that, all expect for example one keyword is only used one time within a single page ... and so on.