Two comments...okay, maybe more than two:

1. I'm not sure what you mean by "rate" your pictures. That activity causes nothing but trouble on another photography website and really serves no purpose.

2. In another thread you mentioned wanting to contribute some photos to a newspaper or other kind of print journal. You're going to have to get some easily recognizable point of interest in your photos, preferably involving people, if you want to succeed in photojournalism.

No two ways about it: People want to look at people or at something in which they're interested. And even if the latter doesn't directly depict people, it's still about people.

Example: Pick up a copy of a magazine on harnessed horses, about as specialized an interest as you can find. Nothing but articles about PEOPLE and their horse-drawn carriages. Nothing but photos of PEOPLE and their horses or teams of horses.

Every form of journalism is about PEOPLE, bar none. Even the most annoying, die-hard, tree-hugging, animal-supremecist, environmentalist journal is still about PEOPLE because it's about how THEY react to their pet environmental/animist issues. Even they know that outside of their militant circle of peers nobody really gives a rat's ass about an endangered newt or recently discovered type of fungi that grows only outside a Starbucks on the remotest edge of Seattle. They know, if they're smart, that what people care about is people.

Don't get me wrong, when I say people care about people I'm not claiming anything lovey-dovey. Far from it. Much of the time what people "care" about is to see other people be humiliated, fail, suffer and die. Sad but true. It's still about people.

Wanna be a successful photojournalist? Get some people in your pix. You seem to be interested in activities that should prominently feature lots of active people doing interesting stuff. Get after it.

There. I've just condensed at least a full year of PJ classes into a single post.