Well, let me give my slant on this as moderator. When I see a response I have to judge if the response contributes to the question, if not, does the response offer some kind of information or at least some levity and humor.

Thankfully Night did not rise to the bait, but if he had been a hot head (like me) he could have answered something like "one grade higher than yours" which would probably trigger a response from Eric and would have turned into a veritable flame war, as commonly happens in PN.

I hope Sean agrees with me on this, but I think one of the main or most important roles APUG has is that of introducing analog or classic photography to new generations and to those who are just starting on photography, no matter what their level of intelligence, education or abilities within the photographic field. If someone new to the group gets this type of slight then he will, correctly IMO, assume that APUG is nothing more than a bunch of Luddites patting each other on he back. THAT, I think is the wrong impression we should be giving to our new members.

I say this with all due respect to all of you, none of you have written a post or response which did not at some time contain grammatical or orthographic errors. If I, as a person to whom English is a second language, was to judge your "worth" or level of intelligence by some of your responses or the way you write English which is YOUR native language, then many of you would be in trouble.

Some might think I am going overboard with this and "flexing" my muscles as moderator, but I think the proof is in the pudding. APUG is one of the most pleasurable sites to participate and get answers and I think is due to the hard line attitude I have adopted with Sean's support.

So once more, if you see a post you don't like, if the guy for some reason ticked you off, if you think the question is stupid and beneath your contempt, BY PASS IT and let me be the judge. It will maintain APUG as one of the better photography discussion sites and will make the experience more enjoyable to all of us.