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IF we are adopting a hard line attitude, then this post should have been deleted right away. The original question (remember that one?) was basically, how do I take PJ photos with my digital camera.
Actually I thought about it, much along the same lines as the photoshop 7 question. But I preffer to keep an open mind, after all I dont think this is an "anti digital" site, and thought that many of the responses would still be useful to those who use hand hel cameras, even if they are not digital.

My comment was geared to the way we respond on the site. While I was typing my comment Eric has gone an clarifyed his response, and it seems I might have jumped the gun a little, but still I think a lot of it applies so I decided to leave the comment.

In the end, Lex is correct, if the response had been phrased in a different manner it might have been subject to less misinterpretation. Frankly I was surprised by Eric's response as I know him to be one of the good guys here and in other forums...at least in my book...