Similar to another post I just read, I too am just setting out on creating my home darkroom. This will be my first however, since I just recently moved to a house with some extra space.

Mine may be the worlds narrowest darkroom (probably an exageration), at 3'-6" total by 13'-0" long. I'm taking over the very back corner, behind the stairs, a place very much out of the way that also happens to have easy access to water (the HWH is there), power and a floor drain.

The link above takes you to my darkroom page with a drawing and a description. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

At this point I've just cleared out the room and have the drawings complete. I need to lure my uncle in law over to help me with the electrical rough-in and my father in law for the plumbing. After that I'll hang some drywall and then build my sink.

Right now, my plan is to build it out of plywood and epoxy paint. With my custom needs, it seems the best route for the money, although that could change if the cost of plywood goes up any more!

I'm still collecting a few items for the darkroom, most notably another safelight and an easel. I picked up a used Omega D2 with lenses (Rodenstock 50mm and 135mm) a little over a year ago. That should get me going anyway.

I'll try to post updates and probably more questions as I get further into this! I look forward to this board.