Okay gang ~ Thanks so much for the honest constructive criticism of my website. It stings now and then, but overall it's always more beneficial than being told what I'd like to hear. So, I've spent the past 72 hours revamping my website. Whew, now I know why site builders charge what they do... this is not a simple process (at least, not for a photographer). But, I've learned a lot about FrontPage. And there are several forehead dents in my monitor to prove it. Now, I realize that you all suggested bigger thumbnails... this was something that I was unable to change b/c doing so pixelated the images severely. I'd rather have small thumbnails than thumbnails that look like poop. So, this is where they'll stay until I figure out something different. Also, each full size image now has it's own page with it's own PayPal buttons beside it. So, that part is better. And, I learned about and added, shared borders throughout the site.

I understand that there will always be things that can be made better... I'm working on it as I'm learning. My question for right now... "Do you consider this new site to have a more 'professional' feel to it?" Personally, I'm quite proud of it.


Thanks again,