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Paul ~ I was wondering about that myself.... unsure at this point as to which page should be the "lead in". I was thinking about the "New Images" page, even though there's not usually more than a half dozen images on that page. At least that would put up immediate images. Any thoughts ???
Maybe the new images page. Maybe a page that has just a large image and a little bit of text. I am trying to visualize this myself for my own site that I am developing, but something like an image, a little text, and some buttons to draw folks to the various pages. As it currently configured, I would not recommend the new page because there are too few images and they are kind of small. It is designed as an internal page and this page is not internal. Also, I would probably change the home page link to this page instead of the splash page. If someone wants to return home, they don't want to have to click enter yet again.

If I come up with more ideas, I will let you know.