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Sometimes one must sacrifice person freedom for the greater good.
*cough* no way. Absolutely not. There is less and less "personal freedom" going around this way. Its not the "terrorists" I worry about its our own governments and those who put them in power that I worry about.

I can't see how on earth politicians and Americans who support the war can bleat on about "freedoms" and "liberties" and "democracy" but then at the same breath allow such BS like what happened to that photographer be ok because its for the "greater good" when the "greater good" isn't even a real threat.

There should be no powers to allow cops to just arrest or ask people who are NOT doing anything wrong for their ID and name. There should also be no laws under the guise of "security" whereby people with cameras or who are minding their own business are expected to just do whatever the constabulary tell them to do, say and show.

How can you say that its for the greater good with no sense of irony? If its supposedly a free coiuntry that people are jealous over and want to get rid of, then how can you support something like this? Its turning the supposed free countries of the west into dictatorships like in the former soviet union or heaven forbid China where the government just barrels down dissidents with heavy artilery, because thats the next step.

And until people start waking up to this, there are going to be a lot more arrests and incidents of this happening. Next thing you know, cameras will be banned for security reasons. What next?