It is funny, even before 9/11 the only place I was ever able to photograph without being hasseled was either Yellowstone or when I lived in Hawaii, I remember when I first moved to Montana about '97 and I set my 4x5 up outside our Library, which is also the builiding that the oldest School house in the area and wanted to take some shots, nice climbing plants on the build with increadable ambiance, and I was questioned by the local cops, took one shot and moved on, then went to the home of the founder of the city to take shots, and same thing...this was before homeland security or any other thing they like to say they are protecting now a days, it was really bizzare and I almost got thrown in Jail, cause I guess after the second time of being hassled, I got a bit smug with the cops and asked them if they thought I was James Bond and had a miniture nuke in the camera! LOL

So, this is not something new since 9/11, it has been happening for a while now..