I am 58 years young, I started in photography at the age of 10 with a Kodak Brownie 127 and soon graduated to processing monochrome film and making contact prints.

When I left school I gained employment in a camera shop that had a studio attached. I found I preferred working in the darkroom and so made this my career and went on to process and print colour C41, R14 and E6. - I was made redundant and decided after failing to get any decent employment, to study a degree course in Photography and Electronic Imaging Sciences - BSc. Hons. After finishing the degree I went on and gained a PG Dip in Interactive Multimedia.

Unfortunately I since have had some medical problems and am unemployed at present. I have decided to renew my acquaintance with alternative processes. When a teenager I used to help the local professional print dye transfer exhibition prints - these were amongst the best colour prints I have ever seen. I was very disappointed when I found that this process has been discontinued.

I now use digital and hope to try some alt processes using digital negatives. Although I have recently been given a Quarter plate Soho Reflex that needs some attention and I may use this for some monochrome photography.